Self-Critic Buster: Day 7: Catch the Moment

Originally the self-critic was created with good intentions. It was meant to help you think clearly, to take on responsibility, to be mature and to better understand. However, some complex social and emotional forces have turned it into much more than what it was supposed to be, doing a lot more than we should have asked it to do. However, most people are not aware of this condition and keep on believing they must pay careful attention to these critical and even hostile comments.

Your task now is to learn how your self-critic works. The more you manage to "catch it in the moment," when your self-critic is taking action, the sooner you can start to change the current situation for your benefit. For some people, it takes a little longer to capture this sly voice, but it's just a matter of time until everyone does, using the "Self-Critic Buster" tools. From now on it is your duty to increase your sensitivity for this matter.

You will have so many opportunities to "catch the moment" where your self-critic crosses the boundaries and turns from helpful to damaging agent. You may need to train your mind and attention but in no time you will be able to become an "expert." I will make sure you will, during the journey you have decided to take part, here, in the self-critic buster program.

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