Self-Critic Buster: Day 8: The Great Vision

So imagine this: one day your self-critic will return to its former dimensions, where it will serve as a guide and as a good protector from the real dangers and problems in life. But as far as continuously checking your actions and your initiatives, its presence will almost be gone. This is the great vision that so many people have already managed to fulfill, using the tools you start to acquire here. It is important for you to try and imagine this right now. Because the more you can visualize a future with a less painful self-critic, the sooner you will obtain it.

In the future, you will learn how to replace criticism with support and encouragement. You will learn to trace the moments where you forgot to pay attention and started to hurt yourself again, and you will know how to take charge and push your self-critic back to where it belongs. This is all just a matter of time and practice. Keep the work here and this new state of mind will become your own asset.

This is a reasonable goal to pursue because we naturally know how to live a more creative and less critical life. We know this, and all we're doing here is finding our way back to our healthy nature. In many ways you may definitely say that we are headed "home," to an innate state where we have no need for this kind of negative voice inside. Inside, we know better. Can you believe this is true, also about you?

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