Self-Critic Buster: Day 9: Part 1 Recap: Before Ending the Session

Before ending this program session of the Self-Critic Buster, I would like to remind you about the Morning Report, the Evening Report and the Daily Practice. When you combine all parts of the program together, you have a powerful tool with which to overcome your self-critic and change your life.  I promise you will make it, there is no way this work will not succeed as long as you fully cooperate.

Doing the six sessions is the center of the process, and the other parts are here to make sure the new ideas merge into you, with the help of various aspects of your daily life. Do your best keep your part of this process and you will notice great changes, in time. If you are determined to lower your self-critic's impact on you, this desire will shake hands with this system and deliver what you are looking for.

There is no doubt in my mind that following this system's method will help you, either in the first round or after having repeated the program a few times. Once you manage to bring your soul into a new place where it is free from the old pressure and misunderstandings, you will gain the power to show your self-critic who is in charge and to what kind of inner voice you prefer to listen. It is just a matter of time and practice, so be humble, persistent and consistent and we'll eventually cross that bridge.

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