Self-Critic Buster: Preface

A Daily Devotional Series to Release the Self-Critic Within

For years I have been privileged to pass the powerful healing energy that streams through my whole being and serves people as a platform to transform their lives into a happier, more creative and more meaningful one.  This energy was the basis for what later became the Psycho-Creative theory and system


The essence of the information and tools I provide are related to a central concept that once captured properly, makes the foundation of significant change in many people. This concept is about "Re-activation" of dormant, innate, and powerful mental skills that many times their presence, as well as their absence, determines the way life looks and feels and the level of accomplishment that is possible.


The rule is simple – believe this is possible and devote yourself for the process of continuous reading of this material, and gradually you will feel how you start "re-activating". Something will start "moving" inside your mind and a sense of pleasant energy will gradually evolve from within.


True self-love is one of the most important and challenging tools I can offer you for re-activating your greatness. The ability to cultivate a positive, nurturing, warm and loving relationship within is a most powerful dormant skill that many times is either taken for granted or totally ignored.


What you are about to find out, here, is that self-love, that is the core of all other love, can be at your service if you only pay close attention to it, practice it, learn about it and implement it as frequently as you can.

Remember – whatever you don't re-activate stays dormant, ineffective and confusing.

the process

As a basic rule I would recommend you to be patient.
You may have the urge to read the whole book at once, but this will make you miss the main opportunity of this process, that is based on day to day devotion.


Devote yourself to a simple work – to read the daily page twice a day (at least). Do it in the morning and evening and try to make it a constant ritual for a period of the process.


-Make sure you read the page slowly.

-Make sure you're not interrupted.

-Make sure you have the peace of mind needed to pay attention to the words.


Follow these simple instructions and in about 14 days you will begin to notice the change.

The days in the book are devided into the following parts:

Part 1:  Learn About Your Self-Critic , Days 1-9

Part 2:  I Promise a Change if you Promise to Work, Days 10-21

Part 3:  I Promise a Change if you Promise to Work, Days 22-31

Part 4:  Your Self-Critic's Changing Faces, Days 32-41

Part 5:  Beautiful Mistakes, Days 42-51

Part 6:  Renew Yourself; Heal Yourself, Days 42-61


We urge you to contact us during and after the process and share your experience with us.

Thank you for stepping in,


Dr. Pinkie Feinstein

The Psycho-Creative Home Team

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