Shrinking the Self-Critic’s Influence

Intuitive Painting was primarily created for one particular reason: to help reducing the self-critic's negative influence on the creative and spontaneous parts of the mind. The more people practice Intuitive Painting the further they manage to set themselves free from this part in their personality.

Intuitive Painting Leaders go through a deep process that forces them to fully realize their over active inner critic and the price they pay for it, in all aspect of their lives.

Later they are trained to bypass the self-critic, to stop it from disturbing their creative flow and to transform it into a helpful tool that assists them in leading their group in a more efficient and smooth way.

Intuitive Painting is made of many tools and ways to manipulate the self-critic and to change the way it makes people think of themselves and of their outputs. This may be the biggest contribution of Intuitive Painting and probably the reason so many people tell us that Intuitive Painting changed their lives. 

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