Significant progress guaranteed

Watch some moments from big Intuitive Painting workshop below

All people, with no exception, who go through a process of 10 or more of Dr. Feinstein's Intuitive Painting classes will make a personal progress that will take them to a new and better place in theirlives.

In each class we cope with our tendency to over criticize our creative output and manage to shrink it to some extent. The further the process goes the better we get in doing so and in letting our emotional energy turn into spontaneous and exciting creation.

The nice thing about this "progress guaranteed" is that it happens in a quite effortless process. Although from time to time some coping with old habits and fears is requirerd, the overall experience is of happy, flowing and charging work.

Behind scenes, during the Intuitive Painting process, many pains, conflicts and unsettled matters are transformed into creative expression, while bypassing awareness or understanding.

What we do notice is that we work, move with the colors and are challenged by new exercises and prompts. What we do not know, however, and should ever remain blind to, is the emotional work done in our unconsciousness places, where the Intuitive Painting allows the soul to process its mini traumas into creative and healing flow.

For this and many more reasons, important changes will always take place when we practice enough Intuitive classes.

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