The Inevitable Tension Due to Lack of Emotional-Creative-Flow

Emotions contain significant and easy to trace emotional energy. It is clear that while we are angry our body goes through some changes. When we sad it feels as though a big rock is sitting on our chest. When we are jealous we feel as though we" must" grab to our posession what other people have (while we don't).


We can go on with many examples to show that when we are under the influence of a given emotion, we are also facing the unique mental energy related to it. It appears like this energy, like all energies, has some potential outlets. Furthermore, it would not be far fetched to assume that lack of proper usage of this energy may result with unwanted consequences.

Almost every person we meet may report, if asked, to have some level of emotional tension, restlessness, and unresolved conflicts that may induce continuous worries, pressure and subtle anxiety. The latters may definitely determine large part of quality of life and amount of energy people must dedicate and waste to deal with this emotional disharmony.


Long experience and reports from many people who practiced ways to activate Emotional-Creative-Flow (ECF), like Intuitive Painting for excample,  suggest that significant portion of the above mentioned mental tension is continuously reduced no matter the starting point we began in. Many conflicts whom people tried to solve using mainly verbal tools weren't successfuly changed until ECF streaming was restored.

My view is that ECF is a necessary part of the healing and developing personality. Without it big portions of emotional-mental energy remains inside, therby intensifies conflicts and promotes anxiety and kinds of restlessness. Emotions derived from Right Brain. Right Brain's language is a creative one. There is no other way to truely express and release emotional load using a relatively " emotional-foreign" language.


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