The Need for Proof: A Major Intuition Block

Hundreds of years ago, when the dark ages ruled Europe and the western society, people weren't allowed for free thinking. Science and all forms of exploring nature or questioning old ideas were prohibited. All knowledge was supplied by the church that its main goal was to keep people as ignorant and as under developed as possible.

When the renaissance times finally took over, a huge revolution took place with emergence of sciences, research and free study of life. No longer relying on religious concepts and instead flourish of new arts, technologies and ever expanding knowledge. Now if you want to make a statement about something you must show a serious study that shows solid proof, according to strict rules, that supports your claim.

This revolution has led us to where we are now, with all the advanced, digital and making life easier and faster machines. We explore space, we explore genetics, we go everywhere we can possibly dream of.... are we, really?

Well, no so much. 
With all this scientific and technologic impressive advancement, we haven't made even the least progress to our inner treasures, those who wait for us in our intuitive bank of knowledge.

Worse than this.
In many senses we got even got more ignorant, strangers and remote from what can put our lives in their healthier, happier and more creative routes.
We got lazier, rely too much on our computers and need less to improvise, dare or make substantial changes. We don't need to trust our instincts so much. Google or Wikipedia will do that for us.

I believe time will take us to our next big revolution. The revolution that put the individual and her unique intuition in the center. One may address this future progress as to the "Right Brain Revolution."

A major step towards this change will be when we re-evaluate our relationship with the need for proofs. With all the respect we justifiably have towards our current science and scientific approaches, that protect us from fraud and misleading, when we decide to go inside, and see what's really special about each and every one of us, a different approach is mandatory, otherwise we will keep our current dark ages, in which ignorance about intuition and its huge importance for mankind, will prevail.

And why is that so?
Because intuitive thinking will always precede the kind of thinking needed for proof. Proof is about being certain. Intuition demands you trust its guidance despite the uncertainty about its validity. If you wait until you're sure, the intuitive channel closes immediately. Intuition can be at your service only if you dare making decisions following its advice before you can calculate the odds and statistics.

And what if I'm wrong? what then? what if my intuition will take me to bad places? isn't it silly and irresponsible to make decisions based only on slippery gut feelings?

Well, no risks means no intuition.
Furthermore – no mistakes means no intuition. If you truly want your intuition in your possession you must trust this new way of thinking, that precedes everything you may consider as proof or as guarantee for being correct or for making the exact step for success. The more you do so, the better it'll get. You will see for yourself.

And proof?
well, a new kind of solid and unquestionable proof is waiting for you down the road, a proof no scientist will ever provide you with. If you give up the need for proof before you follow your intuition and keep tolerant for the process that leads you to improvement in tuning into your intuition, life will definitely prove you that you certainly made the best choice.

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