The Science of Intuition: The Hidden Knowledge to be Found Inside Man

Most science we know today is based on various methods of observation, measuring and analyzing what exists around us. Even when we explore the human brain we try to do it through sophisticated techniques that allow us to take a glimpse on some other people's nervous system. Still, all things we try to find more information and understanding about, all phenomena we attempt to capture its way of operating are one way or another external to us.

In other words, we believe the new info is out there, for us to explore, for us to find, for us to understand better. From Einstein to Neuton up to Steve Jobbs. Most human development and progress is related to new things we manage to find or create, all related to what we observe as something we can look at, from the side.

The science of intuition, however, works in a completely different way.

What I am about to suggest may first puzzle some people especially due to the long standing habit of what I have just described as the science of researching the wonders of nature around us.

The science of intuition, barely used or understood yet, offers a different arena of exploration and research, that once realized, may enrich humanity in many crucial ways, may enhance solutions for major complex challenges, may intensify current science abilities and possibilities, may shake what we used to think about each person's real abilities and potential contribution to mankind.

Intuition is about knowing something without understanding how you came to know it.

No proof is needed to validate this statement. You can either accept it or not. You can either believe knowledge is there, inside human mind, without the need to learn it from outside sources, or you can keep yourself skeptic to all things you cannot measure or prove using the contemporary scientific tools. Yet as long as you remain there, many of life's mysteries, truth and beauty will remain beyond the scope of one's ability to see.

The science of intuition is about developing tools to help people, all people, get better accessibility to the knowledge within them. This may assist all scientists to become more opened to strange and unusual ideas. This may assist parents is improving their decision making. This may assist all person in coping with challenges and in making choices that will determine many important things in their lives.

Just imagine the magnitude of change if we realize, in time, that people, all of them, are like living libraries that contain most important information both for their own personal issues as well as for other people's need and for science and socirty, in a more global way. Can we imagine what happens if we manage to turn this potential into some kind of operating system that provides us with precious information that may other way take much longer to find or even never to?

Its time for us, in parallel as well as collaboration with the science that mainly looks outside of us (a more left brain style science), to learn about the science that looks inside us, that explores what we know yet cannot explain how we do.

No proof is needed for this statement. This is a solid truth. You can either ignore its validity and stay outside the game. You can open your mind and ask for more tools and knowledge about this fascinating option. Your decision!

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