Verbal Emotional Expression: Only a Partial Outlet

Many times people claim that it is pretty hard to understand emotions, either their own or others'.

The reason for this is pretty simple. Emotions, are basically foreign to logical thinking and vice versa. Humans, by nature, are curious and try to understand everything they need to deal with. This is our habit: to rely on our reason while trying to cope with a challenge.


Yet understanding emotions is pretty impossible or at least limited. Emotions tend to surprise us and many times also to control us, no matter our extent of "knowledge" or understanding. Emotions speak different language and as long as we insist on trying to conquor them using only logical, linear and reasonable mechanisms, we are bound to fail and stay frustrated.

The same works for emotional expression. We may elaborate our feelings and share our emotions with friends, family, therapist etc. Yet as long as we only verbalize we remain limited due our defence mechanisms, fear of exposure, traumas etc. When content is filtered all the way to verbal expression, much of it will remain hidden or obscured, not only to the listener but also to the speaker herself.


Yet when we use Intuitive Painting that bypasses the Inner-Critic and shifts the attention to a more creative-playful-free flow of emotions in which most of them manage to be channelled out through simbols, motion and colors, we achieve a more eficient route to release what is really on our heart.

For our well confident left-brain, the option of superiority of  inderct, right-brain based channels for expression may not sound as good or reliable way to go. Yet still, emotions are hard for left-brain mechanisms to fully handle so it must free its way, for example by engaging in Intuitive Painting practice, if we really wish to give ourselves a proper and efficient way to express our feelings.

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