We never analyze the results of Intuitive Painting

Watch below some moments from Intuitive Painting leaders practicing 

For Intuitive Painting to work well and to ensure a safe and flowing space in which spontaneous creativity can be induced and grow, we keep a strict rule of never analyzing or criticizing the results of works people do in our workshop.

Many people, before experiencing Intuitive Painting find this approach strange and even believe that avoiding these responses to Intuitive Painting work doesn't prevent some important process to take place.

This is not surprising. Most people have experienced education style that is based heavily on criticism, on trying to explain and understand everything, and on avoiding doing/saying things "just like that."

This issue is vital not only in Intuitive Painting and should be implemented in many more places of learning, growing and developing. Many times, the main we need to make substantial change and progress is a combination of supportive guidance, patience and plenty of exercise, until the hidden creative ability emerges naturally and makes its unique work with no effort.

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