The safe space for Intuitive Painting

Emotional-creative expression is the heart of Intuitive Painting. Our goal is to make sure people "talk" their emotions, all of them, through their spontaneous creative flow. For this to happen, people must feel that the environment in which they work in is safe and appropriate for this kind of adventure. 

Intuitive Painting Leaders learn how to form a special atmosphere that creates the confidence to explore various part in one's mind while experiencing Intuitive Painting.

This  includes a "criticism free zone", ongoing support and appreciation, playfulness, encouragement, humoristic interactions, intuitive instrucions that bypass self-criticism, pushing the students to bravely follow their passion, allowing "silly expresion" and "mistakes making" and leading communication that is based mainly on listening and accepting others.

Eventually, Intuitive Painting groups, once lead properly, become a special "womb" in which people can grow, in their own pace, to a state where they are free from their blocks, fears and inner-critic and are able to bring their special creative language to the world.

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